Andy L.

I've been using ClickCease™ for a while now. Their service has been stellar; from their easy to read data, to their fast and friendly customer service.

If you've been dealing with fraudulent clicks on your Adword, Bing, etc, ads, I highly recommend ClickCease™ as a safety net that will definitely catch the considerable number of bad clicks that Google can't. It's a great way to stop the fake clicks from bleeding your ad budget dry.

ross shames
Ross Hames Security

I’m constantly getting sales calls. ‘Can I speak to the business owner’ since having ClickCease™ it has highlighted the amount of clicks we get from Manchester, Scotland Liverpool. Now I am aware, I have excluded those locations from my adwords. No more unwanted clicks

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Will Webb

" ClickCease™ helps us block bots from spending our AdWords advertising budget"

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Michael Kano
Marina Divers

Very easy and friendly interface, perfect and quick customers support, good value for money, I would recommend to anyone

Dan Churukian
Owner, Emerald Coast Home Inspectors LLC

This as a godsend for my advertising money. Anything that can stop phony clicks and fraudulent calls that deplete your budget is a win win in my book.

Neeraj Bansal
Product Engineer, Stylumia Intelligence Technology Private Limited

It may save you thousands of bucks!

Alban Rashiti
CTO, Liberty Shutters

ClickCease™ is the best software to protect your clicks. Great job! Very easy to use and team is very communicative.

liberty shutters logo
Kevin Kuznetsov
Founding Partner, BreakThruWeb

Great product to have with any PPC program. Helped prevent fraudulent clicks from PPC campaigns, and save us money.

breakthru web logo
Roberto Gonzalez
Office Manager, All Tech Heating & Cooling

Great experience. Saved money on PPC thanks to ClickCease.

Conrado Bojorquez
Google Ads Specialist, Web Launch Local

Great service with a great support team. They are quick to respond and very knowledgeable.

Sergio Smith
Owner, Campus Lawyer

Customer service is amazing. The service gathers vital information needed to protect my account against click fraud. It's is user friendly with detailed reports.

Frank Y.
Founder & CEO, Zealous SEO

Detailed interface that outlines what is happening

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Aaron Chambers
Web Developer, IndiaNIC Infotech Limited

I have been using ClickCease™ to stop click scam attacks on my customers. Google does partial work filtering to stop scams clicks, but not enough.

Florencia Coppola
Frontend Developer, Intergraphix Argentina

We are very satisfied with the service, and our client is too. After losing a lot of money in false clicks we found an easy and effective solution.


ClickCease™ has saved our ecomm store Shopwithstyle a lot of money. We experienced a lot of bot traffic from our Google Ads campaigns and ClickCease™ was able to reduce these clicks that were costing us an arm and a leg.

Juan Velez

A great tool to block fraudulent clicks in google adwords campaigns. Example: 20 fraudulent clicks at € 1 click = € 20 savings in the campaign. The monthly fee is less than those € 20 and the clicks better used.

Kasia Subieta
VP/Owner, Spot Migration Co

I love the tool. It's just not realistic to look up all the IP's that click on your ads and this helped eliminate my manual process of counting IP's and banning multi-clickers with no conversions. Real time and money saver. It's also great because I only have to maintain one banned IP list instead of going into each campaign.

I requested a feature add, and they took care of it within a week, which blew my mind. I've never seen software improved upon that quick, so their team rocks- very responsive.

spot migration logo
Mark Byron

I have worked with other similar services that promised a lot but did nothing. ClickCease™ is the ONLY Software that really solve the click fraud Problem!

Joe Rowland
Director Of Marketing, Puzzle Warehouse

Easy to set up, navigate, and understand. You'll feel a lot safer with a click fraud protection tool and this is the best one I've found so far. Your cost per conversion will decrease along with an increase to the number of sales/leads.

Yaniv Haddad
Yes Furniture

I'm surprised how much money I saved! Anyone who spends large amounts of money on marketing will immediately feel the tremendous savings from their service.

Ron Seigel
Comfort King Windows and Doors

I didn't realize we had a problem with click fraud until we actually started using ClickCease. It pays for itself (and more) every single month that we use it. Highly recommended.

Scott Bercier
Easy Clean Carpet Care

Works awesome for me. I like the fact that I can block the multiple clicks from IPs automatically.

poptin logo

Watch how PageWiz combated bot traffic and experienced:

  • 20% increase in signups

  • Thousands of dollars in savings on their ad spend

  • Improved their campaign presence

Phu Bui
Digital Marketing Manager, Automattic (WordPress)

" ClickCease™ helps us block bots from spending our AdWords advertising budget"

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Tomer Aaron
Co-founder, Poptin

Since we installed ClickCease™ we increased our ROI by 30%. ClickCease™ offers a user friendly interface, very responsive support and features that every startup and performance digital marketing agency should use.

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Michael Wells
Managing Director, Third Light (Cambridge, UK)

" ClickCease™ has helped us steer clear of the pitfalls of pay-per-click advertising. In a competitive market like ours, there are too many simple ways for competitors to interfere with advertising using unsavoury tactics. ClickCease™ is our safety net, putting an end to those attacks on our advertising budget. It helps us to keep a close eye on our expenses with fantastic analytics which are easy to understand. For the price, ClickCease™ is indispensable. It fixes a really thorny problem so elegantly."

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Stacy M.

I'm really liking the product you have here. What's even more interesting is that google has become far more proactive about crediting false clicks to my account since I've signed up to your services. Previous to your service, I was being charged for everything and anything, literally $***s of dollars per month of false clicks from people who would spend 0 seconds on my site and bounce 100% of the time.

Now with your product, google has been wiping the false clicks and my budget has gone solely on actual customers! What a difference that makes to my business.

I will definitely be continuing with your services

Brandon Wingerter
Owner, Mr. QuickPick Salem

My overall experience was that working with ClickCease™ has helped and will continue to help us fight back against our competitors who have nothing better to do with their time then changing their IP's and clicking on our ads. Nice to know that we won't even show up to them anymore once they do it once, and they'll think we aren't running ads anymore! Love it!

Joshua Dreyfus
Application Support Engineer II, Sundt Construction

The detection algorithms are incredibly advanced. Being able to control traffic at the click of a mouse is super useful. We needed accurate analytics regarding ad response, but with bots so prevalent it was almost impossible to get an accurate picture. ClickCease™ gave us this information and further allowed us to control/report on a variety of factors. Keyword and placement analytics helped us tailor our advertising for a better response which was immediately visible as effective.

sundt logo
Daniel Rubin
President, Taldan Marketing

We work in a highly competitive industry and found that we were victimized multiple times by "sleazy" competitors using various techniques to knock our ads off daily by causing our ad budgets to be used up. This cost us large amounts of money ongoing without our knowledge (we just thought that Adwords don't work so well for us), and our ads kept on running out of their daily budgets. For a smaller business, this can be crippling. The ClickCease™ tool was able to put an IMMEDIATE stop to our issue, and we started to see a climb in our quality of traffic through our paid campaigns. This allowed us to expand our campaigns, further increasing traffic to our site, thereby realizing higher conversion amounts. Let's face it, when you cut through the numbers, any small business wants to see as quick an ROI as possible on dollars spent. ClickCease™ is an integral part of our ongoing online advertising budgets. When you are able spend more of your budget on REAL traffic, you will get more conversions... period.

Setting up our account and monitoring system with ClickCease™ was a breeze. We immediately began seeing the results reported to us regularly, and saved on our Google AdWords click costs. I own 2 businesses and have used ClickCease™ for one of them for over 2 years. Our savings on AdWords for even our smaller traffic website (2000 visits / month avg) far outweigh the cost of subscription (we're saving hundreds of dollars a month on only a $3k/month AdWords spend). What's more, they recently added a competitor tracking feature that we have found extremely useful. On top of this, I would like to commend the customer service team for their speedy responses, attention to detail, and all around great attitude. Whether by email, or on chat (shout out to rep - great work!), the ClickCease™ team is always ready to help.

Joshua Palmatier
Internet Marketing Guru, Conklin Media

ClickCease™ has been great. It is easy to use and saves me a lot of money. The employees there are super helpful and check in from time to time to make sure everything is going well. I would highly recommend using ClickCease™ for all of your CPC accounts.

conklin media logo
Robin Jansma
Senior SEA Specialist,

In my career of PPC I've seen a lot of account and talked to a lot of business owners. And one thing that's always haunting me is business owners who are scared to pay for clicks coming from competitors.

The moment you start talking about click prices, this is one of the top topics. After doing some research I stumbled on ClickCease, and I'm glad I did. This piece of software does exactly what it says. Of course Google's and Microsoft's filters are good. But by preventing people from clicking the visibility of the PPC accounts went up on the full border. ClickCease™ completed the used tools in our agency.

Noteworthy: Besides the tool itself, the customer service is out of it's league. Other (bigger) companies could take an example to ClickCease's tech-savvy, fast and friendly customer service team.

enorm logo
Frank Salvatore
Owner, FlexLeads

I really enjoy using ClickCease™ as a backup to Google's internal fraud protection. Google obviously wants to have a fraud free platform, but click fraud is far from their top priority. I've been using ClickCease™ for almost two years and enjoy the additional level of protection it provides me and my clients - who are small business owners.

flexleads logo
Peter Benes
Marketing Manager, Inspirations Dancewear

We've experienced some aggressive competitor actions against our brand. ClickCease™ turns off ads from IP addresses that have clicked numerous times, and also removes ads showing on IPs that are known to be questionable. I feel confident that my ads are showing to actual prospects, and I'm not just burning through ad spend on existing clients, competitors and bots.

inspirations dancewear logo
Esteban Martinez
SEM Director, Marketing and Advertising

Incredible value for money and it allowed us to take action with our invalid clicks, something which Google really should be looking at. Our Google account had an average of 46% invalid clicks from Google.

We operate within the fintech space and have very expensive CPC already, so Click Cease really helped tackle this. In our first month, we saw a saving of over $5,000 worth of invalid clicks, our CPC when down 8%, and we have much stronger conversions rates!

Alona Meiller Yamin
CEO, digiRUSSIAN Russian Marketing & Advertising Agency

As part of our leading projects, we build campaigns targeting Russian audiences in Russia and the former Soviet Union. As you know this geographic area is notorious for click fraud. Being an ad clicker is actually a profession there and there are sites where you can register and receive such clicks from service owners. I always recommend our clients to install software that prevents invalid clicks. This software saves at least 10-20 percent of your advertising budget.

Alex Stone

Awesome, they answer live chat messages instantly. Customer support are particularly knowledgeable and they're always happy to help with anything. Simply put, you need ClickCease™ if you run any kind of PPC campaign.

We've used ClickCease™ for about 18 months to block the ever growing volume of invalid clicks from the search engines.

Being able to block both individual IP addresses and also IP ranges has allowed us to keep PPC costs under control. We can see that around 30% of clicks from Adwords are invalid, and as ClickCease™ integrates directly with Adwords to block IP's there's very little work to be done at our end after the settings have been made on the ClickCease™ account.

The most important part of ClickCease™ is that it gives factual and indisputable evidence when you need to have a war with the search engines to get a credit for invalid clicks. What I mean by this is that when you have IP addresses in your Adwords or Bing account that you've blocked, and you still get clicks from them and more importantly charged for the clicks (this does happen a lot) then you can take your ClickCease™ evidence and use that as the base for a credit. We've received credits of around $23,000 in the last 12 months from Adwords alone and we wouldn't have gotten these were it not for the ClickCease™ evidence.

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Brian DeAngelis
President, NETWORTH

After 5 years of running Adwords with not a single fraudulent click we started to get hammered daily and losses mounted. Google themselves does not have the infrastructure designed to resolve fraudulent clicks and or they intentionally choose not to address it. Proof being that they asked me to source out my own solution. So even though ClickCease™ bears an additional monthly cost that should be covered by all the money we pay Google it is worth the peace of mind.

networth logo
Guillermo Perez
Marketing Online Expert,

Without ClickCease™ we would not have survived competitor clicks!

This is a hard reality, our competition is quite aggressive (in clicks). We can now identify devices and know which locations (IPs) they use to click on us. It's a complete tool really. We are also trying to recover fraudulent clicks costs sending ClickCease™ analysis to Google Ads.

gpfti logo
Yona Remer
Director of Corporate Strategy, Resilience Treatment Center

The ClickCease™ software enabled our company to ensure that our ads were properly servicing potential clients and that fraudulent clicks were systematically removed. It was incredibly easy and intuitive working on the ClickCease™ platform and working directly with their engineers.

I can't find any cons for Clickcease, they were exceptionally helpful and accommodating of our particularly complex and tricky case of click fraud. They also made themselves available throughout the day, despite a considerable time difference.

Lee Alderman
Always Affordable Locksmiths Ltd

Helps me sleep at night knowing that my competition isn't clicking me to the poor house.

Guillermo P.

You won't feel alone anymore with click fraud protection. You won't waste as much money as before and you will get many more leads.

Nik Rivas-Barnao

#Adwords has become a whole lot cheaper thanks to the @ClickCease team. IMO the best of all the fraud-click blockers! (I've tried many)

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Richard Cuthbertson
Xytron Ltd.

We use this to mitigate click fraud on our business adwords account and it proves itself effective in locating troublesome IP's which we then look to target for fraud abuse. Thanks for creating such useful software!

xytron logo
Jack O'Neil

Since the beginning of AdWords, it's been a challenge to identify inefficient & possibly fraudulent budget depletion methods used by Competitors. ClickCease™ fills in this gap, giving you the insights you need to confidently invest into effective online advertising.

Conrado Bojorquez
Google Ads Specialist

Great Service With Great Support Team

Lee Hyndman
Customtek Limited

Helped me stop CPC fraud by showing me IP addresses that clicked too many times consecutively

Ruben Pizarro
Owner, Lakeland Marketing Pros

Nothing but good experience. Saving our clients hundreds

lakeland marketing pros logo
Mike West
Loan Officer, Top Flite Financial

This will give you peace of mind for your ad spend so that you will be saving money rather than losing money from fraudulent clicks.

Shachar Srebrenik
CEO, Digital Express Marketing

ClickCease™ is a perfect solution for anyone running PPC campaigns. It helped us improve our clients' PPC campaigns and saved us lot of money.

Matt Karls
Owner, Karls Technology

They helped me a lot when we were directly under attack.

karls technology logo
Billy B.
Owner, 999 Carpet Cleaners

Excellent customer support service and the software just simply works

Brandon Walker
Owner, 2 Bros and a Truck

Great support and a very good product at a reasonable price.

2bros logo
Carmel Tse
iPass Driving School

It saves me a lot of money from bad clicks. Google Ads couldn't care less if the clicks are good or bad. You need ClickCease™ to stop the bad competitors.

Christopher Smale
Web Developer, Webfactory LTD

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Massively improved my ad performance and really does work. Blocks invalid and fraudulent clicks and provides weekly reports so you can see how much you have saved. Really can't fault it.

Christin Blazekovic
Director, Digital Marketing Concepts

The Customer Service is Exceptional! The software is super easy to use and set up. If you run into a question there is 24/7 live chat to assist.

Dave Powell
Vice President, Hatchet Marketing

We finally figured our AdWords formula out and started to generate a large number of leads every month. Then out of the blue, we started to spend more money each month and get less and less leads. We have been using ClickCease™ for 3 months now and our leads and monthly spend are back to where they should be.

hatchet marketing logo
Derek Williams

The stuff works. I opted for Basic membership, and when I realized how well it is working (and my competitors realized that they must be more crafty now), I upgraded to Standard Plan. Whereas before, my competitors were just clicking on the ads, now they are using a VPN - ClickCease™ can mitigate this (so can Google, but they refuse to).


True value and great customer service. We use ClickCease™ for 7 of our larger clients. We are very happy with the results.

Ana Henao

It’s the best tool to stop click fraud. I’ve saved lots of money since the day se start using it.

Uri Aroch
Online Marketing Manager,

It’s the best tool to stop click fraud. I’ve saved lots of money since the day se start using it.

Sean Harcum
Director, firstSTREET, Inc.

Great onboarding experience. Very friendly and efficient service. Helped me set the software up which made life very easy.

firststreet logo
Ofir Aricha
A-Z Concepts

We had lots of click fraud and we managed to take control of it by using ClickCease. Just by knowing where the clicks are coming from and the time gave us an indication of who it actually is and we found the local competitor who admitted it. Great customer service, take it from a guy who drove them crazy :)